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ScienceDB provides free online services for scientific research individuals in the aspect of data storage and data publishing. Simplify your data management process, expand the spreading scope of your data, and increase your scientific research influence.

   User Login  
Provide multiple convenient login methods such as China Science Technology Cloud, Github, ORCID, etc.
   Data Submission   
Support data submission in all disciplines and multiple formats, assign CSTR and DOI, and support dataset version updates.
   Associated with Paper  
Support the correlation & interaction between data and academic papers, and credit your researches.
   Private Access Link   
Assign private access links automatically to ensure peer-reviewers could access to data.
   The Method of Sharing   
Support two methods of sharing, fully public sharing or 1-12 months data file embargo setting.
   Data Findability   
Data can be found & normalize cited by global researchers through various platforms such as Data Citation Index and Google Dataset Search.
   IInfluence Trace  
The visual presentation of global visit & download and the status of the papers which citing this data.

Welcome to read the "Data Publishing Processes" and "FAQ" to learn more about data submission & sharing.